Esther Hessing Photography

Esther Hessing (born 1970, The Hague | The Netherlands) is a Dutch photographer best known for her social landscapes.

She graduated Cum Laude from the Photo Academy in Rotterdam with her

3 books; OBSERVATION: #1 Shoefiti; #2 Gift and #3 Dutch. In these books her style refers to the classical Dutch paintings from the 17th century.

Often her photos are taken from a distant viewpoint. By taking a step back and focusing on the usual she is giving the full story instead of only bits and highlights. In this fast-paced and volatile world she makes you see instead of just looking.

Her concentration is tangible and visible. The carefully chosen compositions are an important feature of her work. Curiosity about people and the places they live their lives, is her fascination and the main reason for being a photographer. By telling their stories to the rest of the world, they remain preserved forever.

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2 gedachten over “Esther Hessing Photography

  1. Hallo Esther (en Sophieke),

    Gister op uitnodiging van/attent gemaakt door, Mirjam van de Kleij, zus van, je boekpresentatie bijgewoond.
    Mooi werk van jullie beide, intrigerend om een zo voor ons vreemde cultuur en samenleving te ervaren via jullie werk.

    Om mij heen kijkend tijdens de uitreiking, kon ik geen (hoewel er toch een aantal aanwezig zullen zijn geweest) registrerende fotograaf ontdekken.

    Bij deze zou ik je de paar foto’s die ik vanuit mijn beperkte bewegingsvrijheid heb genomen,
    je toe willen sturen.

    met vriendelijke groet

    Jacques rijnsburger

  2. Dear Artist Esther Hessing , my name is Isabel Gu, I am the coordinator of Songzhuang Photo Biennale Team. we have visited your personal website ( and I thought you might be interested in submitting your work to us.

    2017 Songzhuang International Photo Biennale (China) is now accepting submissions for the international call for photo artists/photographers themed “Live in This Moment, Return to the Origin.” For further information please visit our website at

    We have two ways to accept the artist for this exhbition. The fist one is you will have to submit the art and we have a Selection Committee to decide on whether we want your art ot not, the deadline for submitting work is Tuesday, August 10, 2017. The second one is if we see your website and we like your art, our Selection Committee will invite you to come to the exhbition. when we invite you, we will send you a date.

    With best wishes,


    Songzhuang International Photo Biennale (China)

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