Esther Hessing (born 1970, The Hague | The Netherlands) is a Dutch photographer best known for her social landscapes.
She graduated Cum Laude from the Photo Academy in Rotterdam with her
3 books; OBSERVATION: #1 Shoefiti; #2 Gift and #3 Dutch. In these books her style refers to the classical Dutch paintings from the 17th century.

Often her photos are taken from a distant viewpoint. By taking a step back and focusing on the usual she is giving the full story instead of only bits and highlights. In this fast-paced and volatile world she makes you see instead of just looking.

Her concentration is tangible and visible. The carefully chosen compositions are an important feature of her work. Curiosity about people and the places they live their lives, is her fascination and the main reason for being a photographer. By telling their stories to the rest of the world, they remain preserved forever.